The Global Injury Survey Data Collection of the GBD-Injury Expert Group

Summary Description: This archive contains information about population-based injury surveys from around the world that were contributed to the GBD-2010 project.

Released on: 1 April 2012

Caution: The data provided on this page are intended for research purposes. This archive was developed for GBD-2010, which was released in 2012. Please contact Kavi Bhalla ( with questions.

Download the survey data collection

The survey data collection (including questionnaires, references, and extracted incidence measurements) is available from the following link: Surveys: Country Table

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this database developed?

In 2008, the GBD-Injury Expert Group put out a call for injury data for the GBD-2010 study. In particular, we requested access to mortality data, hospital records, and population-based survey datasets. The database provided here contains information about the survey datasets that were provided to us.

Who conducted these surveys?

These surveys were conducted by a variety of individuals and institutions, including academic researchers, and national and international agencies who had conducted these surveys as part of efforts to measure population health. Note that none of the surveys were conducted by the GBD-Injury Expert Group.

What does this database contain?

This data base provides the instruments (questionnaires) used in the surveys, published papers/reports, and the estimates of incidence of injuries (by age and sex groups) extracted from the survey data. Note that the survey microdata (individual records) have not been provided online because they are the intellectual property of the researchers and institutions that provided them to us.

Does the GBD-Injury Expert Group have permission to share these data?

This online database only provides information (meta data and questionnaires) that is already in the public domain. The survey microdata has not been provided because we do not have permission to share these. However, if you are interested in the microdata, we would be happy to help you connect with the researchers who provided us with the data. Please contact Kavi Bhalla ( with such requests.

How should this database be cited?

Please cite this database as follows:

Bhalla, K., Shahraz, S., Abraham, J., and Harrison, J. on behalf of the GBD Injury Expert Group, 2012, The global injury survey data collection of the GBD-Injury Expert Group, Available from

How can data be contributed to this collection?

Please contact Kavi Bhalla ( if you would like to contribute to this data collection. Your survey would need to be population-based and include questions on the incidence of injuries. However, please note that new survey datasets will not be analyzed for the GBD-2010 project because that project can no longer accept new data.